Bucas Shipping Boots Black Pony Size

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Bucas 2000 Boots are designed to provide the "ultimate" in protection and also offer superb fit and ease of handling. The front boots close at the back so as to eliminate the risk of the boot breaking open if the horse slips. Two sizes - Full Size fits most large horses, Cobb fits smaller horses. * Tough and hard wearing Nylon outer * Doubly cushioned boots are fully contoured and form-fitting which provides optimal protection and withstands the tendency for slipping during transport * Elasticised rear top straps for secure fit * Four straps on front and five on rear boots ensure full flexibility for a secure boot fit * Inner Stay-Dry lining * Sold in sets of four * Outer fabric: Ballistic Nylon * Lining: Stay-Dry Fleece & 150g Thermo-bonded Polyester wadding. * Color: Navy