Coop/Small Animals Kennel 7’ x 8’ x 48”

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Product Details

Length: 7’
Width: 8'
Height: 48"
Material: -
Strength: -

Product Description

-7’ x 8’ x 48”
-Removable back piece to be able to add a hutch or dog house
-Front latch door

If you are looking to contain chickens, rabbits, dogs, turkeys, or other small animals on your property, the 7' x 8' x 48" coop/small animal kennel might be the perfect solution for you. All 7' x 8' x 48" coop/small animal kennels are made from galvanized steel and come complete with a front latch door so that you can easily access your animals. This type of small animal kennel is also available with a removeable back piece, making it easy for you to add a doghouse or hutch into the kennel.