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Crooked stirrups


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IT IS THIS SIMPLE.  No other stirrups, NONE, are made like CrookedStirrups®angled riding stirrups.  All styles and sizes of Crooked Stirrups®angled riding stirrups are carefully designed and tested for maximum balance, control and comfort using the Crooked Stirrups®secret.  Crooked  Stirrups® is a brand, not a style of stirrups.  There are many imported knock-offs and attempted copies that are presented to look like they are Crooked Stirrups®products but they are not.  The only way to receive the benefits of REAL Crooked Stirrups® angled riding stirrups is to make sure the stirrups you buy are REAL Crooked Stirrups®products. Get Real!
Proudly made in the USA

The Choice of Champions
Crooked Stirrups® angled riding stirrups are no gimmick. They provide superior comfort, balance and control allowing you compete or just ride to the best of your ability.                      Michael Jones


Crooked Stirrups® Angled Riding Stirrups are different than any other stirrups on the market:

Simply adding a sloped, canted or angled bottom to a stirrup does not make the stirrup perform or function like Crooked Stirrups® stirrup products.  Our revolutionary design is not as simple as it seems.                                          -Click Here - to find out WHY!