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Game Ready Equine Professional Kit


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Game Ready Equine Kit (Retails new for $4399!)(Plus included a back wrap piece worth $1183!)

The comprehensive Game Ready® System for equines is designed to aid in injury prevention as well as in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and post-operative rehabilitation. In addition to the Control Unit and Dual-Action Wraps, the system includes Single and Dual Connector Hoses, and several convenient accessories—including a protective Carry Bag for safely storing your important therapy equipment.
It’s hard to watch your horse hurting. Maybe he’s hurting because of chronic lameness, or perhaps he’s experiencing an acute injury or post-operative pain. In any case, you’d like to prevent injuries altogether or help him recover as quickly as possible. There’s nothing you’d like more than to get back in the ring as soon as possible.

That’s where Game Ready® Equine’s injury treatment systems come in. Game Ready is the choice of top riders and veterinarians because it helps accelerate your horse’s recovery. Whether choosing the portable GRPro® 2.1 for dry cold and active compression therapy, or the powerful and convenient Med4 Elite™ Veterinary System for iceless cold, controllable heat, ultra rapid contrast, and active compression, Game Ready helps your horses heal faster and recover better.

Extensively tested on people
Featuring patented NASA spacesuit technology, Game Ready Equine was developed based on a product being used by more than 90 pro sports teams, 500 professional athletes, and 160 universities nationwide. The equine product was designed with the help of the United States Equestrian Team and leading veterinarians specifically to meet the needs of horses.

Product Description

GRPro 2.1 Control Unit (with AC Adapter)
Utility Wraps (one pair)
Full Leg Wraps (left and right)
Hock Wrap
Single Hose
Dual Hose
Equine Carry Bag