2 black polo wraps

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Designed to primarily protect the front tendons from impact by the hind hoof, although also providing some Brushing protection. Very light in design.

Generally Used:

Show jumpers, cross country and event riders, also a very popular boot for racing.

Constructed with a tough synthetic leatherette outer, for durability and ease of cleaning. The boot is lined with high quality fur to ensure a perfect comfortable fit, that also allows air circulation. Sandwiched throughout between the inner and outer is a 6mm layer of high impact resistant foam, with an additional thickness of 6mm of foam in the tendon area.

Fastened with Clarendon’s unique system of three elastic and Velcro straps, which are securely held in place by three stainless steel hooks on elastic. These ensure the boot straps will not undo thus making it unnecessary to over tape. The elastic is made exclusively for Clarendon. It’s elasticity and strength is very important, and should never be substituted.