30" Classic Equine Zone Felt Pad 3/4"

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Classic Equine Zone Felt Pad 3/4"

Classic Equine Zone Felt Pad is a Western saddle square pad with wool felt top and felt bottom in 3/4" thickness. Comfortable and versatile saddle pad can be used on its own or with a Navajo show blanket on top. Classic Equine felt pad has a vented Zoombang insert that disperses energy to reduce shock, stress, and injury for the horse.

  • Classic Equine ZFT
  • Moisture Wicking, Breathable
  • Black
  • Sizes 28x30 or 30x32

The Classic Equine Zone Felt Pad is breathable and conforms well to remain in place. The layered protection consists of a 1/8" blended felt top with an orthopedic grade felt bottom. The felt absorbs sweat while remaining soft and pliable. Zone Felt Pad in Black from Classic Equine has leather guards for extra durability.