28’ Rattler Spitfire Breakaway Rope 28’

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Brand:Rattler Ropes

  • 28'
  • Developed with World Champions Jackie Crawford and Kelsie Chase
  • Specifically made to rope necks
  • From the first swing you feel the body and tip
  • Super smooth feed, slams shut

The Spitfire was made specifically to reach and rope the neck, the 4-strand Spitfire is uniquely made with a customized process using technologically advanced fibers (50 or 60 count). This allows the loop to stay open and upon delivery close sharp, fast, and tight around the intended target.  The Spitfire gives ropers the confidence to pull off supersonic catches literally right out of the box. The shell is super smooth so the rope feeds fast and easy, but it slams shut sharp, fast, clean, and tight around the target. Breakaway is sport where even a hundredth of a second makes the difference in a win. The Spitfire’s vivid color is easily noticed going around the neck and breaking from the horn. The loop stays open letting the roper be aggressive and deliver out of the very first swing. The weighted tip helps ropers guide the loop to the target. Simply put, the Spitfire was designed to allows the roper to be aggressive and feel their rope. With the Spitfire, ropers can reach and pull off bell collar shots from further back of the target, which is so necessary with the level of competition competing in the sport today.

Though the Spitfire doesn't have exact lays, 50S is like a 9.5 and the 60S is close to a 10.5.