A Trail That Needs Riding - Colin Cartwright

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Colin Cartwright has always had a keen interest in local history and mountain adventure starts his first two books “Empty on The Swan” and “Kootenay Bears” were popular with readers who loved history and great outdoors. In his new book, A Trail That Needs Riding, Collin reflects on over 40 years of packing and adventures throughout the Purcell and Rocky Mountains based, out of Canal Flats. As a lifelong resident of the Columbia Valley, Colin has worked in the outdoors all his life. He has ridden several thousand kilometres of trails through some of the most spectacular high country in the Purcells and Rockies. Colin shares his love for exploration, history, adventure, trail riding and horses throughout the pages of this book, A Trail That Needs Riding. Ride along the trails with Colin, his wife Kathy, and their friends as they discover the high country of the mountains and admire dramatic mountain vistas,  build a campfire in a downpour or crawl out of a cold, damp tent on a snowy morning. A Trail That Needs Riding, documents the people, and many colourful stories of events that happens from time to time Insights that can only be seen with travelling in the high country in the mountains and valleys surrounding his home and Canal Flats.