Acavallo Sensitive Bit - Black/Blue

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Acavallo Sensitive Bit:

 - An ideal choice especially for the schooling of young and the correction of difficult horses.

 - It is made of an innovative, anti-allergic plastic material instead of a heavy and/or cold metal or metal allloy.

 - Its slightly arched and flattened mouthpiece ensures that pressure on tongue, yaws and mouth corners, if applicable, is distributed evenly.

 - The one-piece design of mouthpiece and rings prevents a one-sided squeezing or pinching of tongue or yaws, as well as painful irritations of the palate (no “nutcracker effect”).

 - It enhances confidence of the horse in the rider’s hand because of its quiet and comfortable positioning in the mouth, helping the horse to find its own balance.

 - Due to its integrated, flexible steel cable reinforcement, this bit provides for a soft, yet very secure control of the horse.

 - Made in Italy