Cashel Western Swayback Cushion Saddle Pad

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Product Description

The Cashel Western Swayback Cushion Pad is an excellent solution for saddles that may ride up or slip back. This pad helps to keep your saddle in the right position by filling in the hollow area on the back. The outer part of the pad is about ¾ of an inch and fills to 1½ inches at the center of the horse's back. There is also a slight cutaway to offer relief on the horse's withers. This pad is perfect by itself or to pair with a Navajo blanket or thin pad to help your swaybacked horse!

Key Features:

  • Fills to 1½" in the Center of the Back 
  • Durable & Conforming to Your Horse's Back
  • Improves Saddle Fit on Swaybacked Horses