Equus Eventa Flexi-Grip Reins

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Equus Eventa Flexi-Grip Reins

A wonderful mix of simplicity and utility, Equus Eventa Flexi-Grip Reins are carefully designed to offer superior control over the horse. Designed from premium quality materials, these reins are resistant to easy wear and ensure lasting, problem-free utility. With a slender, flat design, they are light in weight and have smooth, rounded edges that ensure a secure, firm grip. Strong rubber grips impart unmatched flexibility and strength for complete control during driving or riding.


  • Thin and ultra-flexible
  • Resistant to easy wear and ensure lasting, problem-free utility
  • Offer superior control over the horse
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth, rounded edges
  • Hook stud end to attach to reins

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