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The latest development in the Streamline family, now with “super soft” suede binding, Designo faux leather piping, wither and girth zone & adjustable push button D-Ring fasteners. Designed with ease of use in mind without compromising the effectiveness of our 3Spine System technology.

Our unique elevated wither and lumbar pattern allows these technically advanced saddle pads to be used with or without our 3Spine system. With these functional, stylish and high quality pads we’ve changed the rules on tradition!

With industrial strength velcro sewn directly onto the spine of the saddle pad its never been simpler to achieve unrivalled levels of comfort & freedom under saddle. The low profile "streamline" design minimises movement between the saddle and saddle pad, whilst locking the spine into the gullet of the saddle. This considerably reduces heat, friction and pressure throughout this vulnerable area.


A low profile multi functional product which can be used in place of a traditional saddle pad and half pad set up. The benefit being with the fixed pocket to the pad you can guarantee minimal movement and even pressure distribution under saddle. Alternatively tailor the insert shims for a bespoke riser system. Front, Rear or Bilateral imbalances can be easily rectified with minimal bulk due to the 7mm Isoprene insert shims and the gradual depth increments they offer. The pad is supplied with 1 x 7mm inserts in each pocket, additional shims can be purchased if required.

The pockets and shims are specifically designed so as not to interfere with the gullet of the saddle and fit over withers or lumbar spine.

For optimum performance we recommend this product is used in combination with the 3Spine system to further benefit from the pressure free results our innovative system offers.