Field Halters Quick Release Velcro Breakaway Safety System Safe Turnout

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Quality horse field halters.

Made from 100% nylon without any metal hardware or buckles.

These can be opened and closed with ease. Adjustable on the nose and crown.

Quick release hook-and-loop system ensures these halters can be put on or taken off in seconds.

No awkward buckles to adjust.

Very safe option for horses being let out unsupervised as the halter will open and release the horse should it get snagged or caught in something.

Perfect for sensitive horses who require a lightweight, metal-free, silent on-and-off halter.

These halters are not intended to be used to lead horses around or for tying up.

  • Nylon field halter designed with safety in mind
  • The halter’s quick-release breakaway system ensures your horse can escape if the halter becomes snagged on something in the field
  • Halter is 100% nylon with a hook-and-loop release on the noseband and crown - Absolutely no metal hardware
  • Great for piece of mind when letting your horse out. No need to worry about buckles getting caught and causing injury
  • Lightweight, durable, and fully washable. Available in 5 adjustable sizes (listed smallest to largest): Foal, Miniature, Pony, Cob/Arab, Horse, and Warmblood.