35' Rattler Rope Company GT4 Lite 4 Strand Heel Team Rope

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Brand:Rattler Ropes


  • 4 Strand Heel Rope
  • 100% Nylon
  • Length: 35'
  • True in Diameter

The GT4 is a four-strand that's way easy to handle with lots of body made by Rattler Ropes. Lots of body means a larger loop that stays open better than any rope in the arena. It means you will catch more steers. More steers means you are going to be more consistent. More consistent means, well we think you'll figure that out for yourself. The GT4 is also much more durable than any conventional three strand rope you can buy. Once this rope is broken in, you're going to find that it will remain that way for longer. So if you're as particular as Rich Skelton, you'll pick up the GT4.