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Reinsman Twisted Dogbone Dee

This Reinsman Twisted Dogbone Dee is designed for green horses and those needing a bit more control. This is a Reinsman Stage A bit with mouthpiece features to help control your horse. The mouthpiece is twisted which gives it a bit more bite than a smooth snaffle. The jointed three-piece configuration breaks over the bar at a different angle, contacting new nerves, while the dogbone centerpiece contacts the tongue for pressure. Stage A bits from Reinsman are great for starting horses, training, or working on steady contact.

The Golden Glide bushings allow the cheeks to move smoothly for a better feel and enhances the independent cheek action for precision cues. The cheeks are designed to not pinch the horse's lips. 

  • Reinsman #223
  • 5 1/4" mouth, 3" dee rings