Rewardz Horse Treats Scotch Mints

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"Our horses always loved peppermints but we struggled to find them at equine retailers. So we developed Rewardz Horse Treats scotch mints. They are made in Canada, for horses, with natural peppermint oil."
Peppermints have been a favourite treat of horses for years. An article at chronicles "Favourite Snacks of Famous Racehorses." It references that "Cigar's jockey, Jerry Bailey, would reward him with a peppermint after every race." Another article at tells the story that Seattle Slew was buried "with his favourite blanket and a bag of peppermints."
Rewardz Horse Treats scotch mints are registered as a horse treat with the Animal Feed Division of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and are made with human-grade ingredients in a food-grade facility.