TALES FROM THE MINOR RANCH Heifers, Hayfields and Helicopters

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Tales from the minor ranch,
Heifers, Hayfields and Helicopters

by Barry Minor


Barry grew up on a 60,000 acre ranch in Sand Hills of southwest Saskatchewan. As a young man he worked hard but also had freedom to ride his horse over the endless, rolling Sandhills. He enjoyed the beautiful scenery as well as the spectacular encounters with an abundance of wildlife. These experiences sets the stage for a lifetime of ranching, both in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Alongside his full-time ranching career, his keen interest in wildlife let him to another career doing wildlife capture work, that took him across Canada, the USA, Mexico and Greenland. Two falls out of a low flying helicopter, being gored by angry mountain goats and kick by large elk never deterred Barry and he continued in this career for more than 20 years.

Barry’s stories, full of colourful characters, will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. His life has been interesting to say the least and he share some of his adventures in the pages of this book.